“I am your navigator every step of the way, never taking the controls but supporting you to make conscious choices to move through unfamiliar territory to land in the field of your dreams.”
Maria Gerathy – transpersonal coach

Transpersonal Coach

Transpersonal Coach

As a Transpersonal Coach I facilitate a conversational process that develops a supportive relationship.​ It’s purpose is to generate self awareness, empower positive change, increase holistic health and wellbeing, and facilitate goal achievement.

What is transpersonal?
Simply meaning ‘beyond the personal’. Therefore in our coaching journey together we will look beyond you and your personal world of work, family, personality likes and dislikes and material achievements into your inner world, the world of soul, deeper desires, core values and beliefs. We explore and develop clarity, informed by the whole of you.

Why choose coaching?
There is a dynamic relationship between myself the transpersonal coach and you the coaching client that is unique and magical. This relationship becomes a platform upon which you have the opportunity to expand consciousness about yourself and your situation – what no longer serves you, what are the options and what internal strengths and resources you can call on to move forward.
We are co-creators in coaching – each with different roles in the relationship, both in service to you and your goal.

Coaching is partnering with individuals in a thought-provoking creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.

– International Coach Federation 

First step:

Contact me to make an appointment to explore if working together will be in alignment with you and your objectives. A freely held conversation to get to know each other better.

Second step:

Choose your coaching journey.
1. 8 x 90 minute session fortnighly $1280.00 total ($160.00 per session)
2. 12 x 90 minute session fortnightly $1800.00 ($150.00 per session)

In person on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, or via Zoom, phone call.

A selection of plant allies in the form of vibrational medicine from the
First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® range of flower essences bring the power and wisdom of nature to support your transformational journey. This is optional and highly recommended.

Try group coaching with a transpersonal coach!

Bring a group together for a specific purpose. This collaborative process brings different viewpoints, insights and knowledge to light through activities and discussion for the benefit of all.
Contact me to discuss your requirements.

Sabiene ~ Sydney, Australia

“Maria is a gifted and authentic coach. I’ve had lots of business and personal coaching experiences and this process and outcome was far more heart-felt and beneficial than others. Maria entwines structure and intuition to ensure there is a forward movement, yet more than sufficient time to dwell. I felt a strong trust and connection that contributed to a delightful result for me which will help my ongoing journey.”

Amanda Hahn Coaching ~ Kansas, USA

​”It was such a pleasure to be coached by Maria. Maria offered a safe space for exploration and creativity as I explored my direction for building my business through social media. I felt deeply heard by Maria as she helped me navigate different perspectives and strategies for growing my business. My coaching experience with Maria has helped me to increase my self confidence as a new coach. I would strongly recommend working with Maria if you have the chance.”


Laurie ~ Deewhy - Sydney, Australia

“Maria has been invaluable to my self-development and guiding me to live by my values as my best self.  Throughout my time coaching with Maria she has not only supported and encouraged me towards achieving my goals but developed my confidence to feel I can achieve anything I put my mind to.  She has also inspired me to expand in my creativity and be aware of my gifts.  The coaching has also enabled me to explore my own self-care tools that have helped me whenever I’m overwhelmed or lose my way.  – – – >

Laurie ~ Deewhy - Sydney, Australia

– – – >  Moreover Maria’s knowledge and experience in First Light® Flower Essences was an absolute beautiful experience to add to my coaching. The flower essences supported me more than I can imagine in feeling balanced and calm and Maria was wonderful at providing the right combination based on where I was at for each session.  If you are looking for someone confident, approachable, experienced, an incredible listener and who can help you clarify and organise your thoughts to push through barriers then look no further than Maria.”

Be humble, for you are made of earth.
Be noble, for you are made of stars.

~ Serbian proverb

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Maria Gerathy


First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® registered practitioner and tutor
Registered Hypnotique Protocol® Esoteric Hypnotherapist &
HypnoSuccess Soul Coach®
Transpersonal Coach

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