“Regularly taking your First Light® flower essence blend supports you to embody a deeply personal vibration that can be likened to a song which restores harmony and joy within your whole being. You are like a musical instrument and the First Light® flower essences bring you back into tune to fully reveal and express your unique gifts throughout your whole world.”
Maria Gerathy – Registered First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® practitioner

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® in Australia

What flower essences are and how they work

Flower essences are plant vibrations, plant energy held in water. Made with natural and simple ingredients – plant material, spring water and sunlight. Sunlight is the catalyst for the flower or plant material to energetically imprint the water. Water holds this imprint and is a perfect carrier for this energy or plant vibration.

When ingested the flower essence or plant vibration enters our waters (we are mostly water) introducing an uplifting energy to our whole being, harmonising distortions, clearing negative patterns and energetic stagnancy. Ultimately facilitating integrated unity between the different aspects of ourselves.

First Light® Flower Essences Australia

Why I choose First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®

The energetic potency of certain New Zealand native plants is unique and suited to the unprecedented challenges faced in these times. These specific plants known as whakahirahira plants have stepped forward to help humanity at this time.

To work co-operatively with a plant by someone of a high level of consciousness using ancient protocols is essential for the plant to offer all of its vibrational healing potential for the flower essence to be made. First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®’s Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber operates by divine directive in this capacity and is the creator of the entire range. I am honoured to be working with these products.

The range available to me as a practitioner is the most comprehensive available with the First Light® Nature’s Holistic Healing Matrix© that addresses all the different aspects of a person’s makeup – The personality self, the aura, the chakras, the DNA and the soul – making this modular range truly holistic.

First Light® Flower Essences Australia - Flowers

The First Light® Flowers of Transformation Set.
Flower Essences
No. 1-36

Focus on the personality. Helps to transform negative attitudes to then facilitate alignment which enables us to experience joy.

First Light® Flower Essences Australia - Ferns

The First Light® Life Trauma Set.
Fern Essences
No. 37-43

Focus on the aura.
Helps to clear away the impacts of trauma to then facilitate freedom which enables us to live harmoniously.

First Light® Flower Essences Australia - Trees

The First Light® Personal Power Set.
Tree Essences
No. 44-50

Focus on the chakras. Helps to correct energetic imbalances to then facilitate equilibrium which enables us to act from truth.

First Light® Flower Essences Australia - Seeds

The First Light® New Beginnings Set.
Seed Essences
No. 51-62

Focus on the DNA.
Helps to release us from fears to then facilitate harmonious relationship which enables us to experience peace.

First Light® Flower Essences Australia - Plants

The First Light® Life Enhancement Set.
Plant Essences
No. 63-84

Focus on soul growth. Helps to learn from life’s lessons to then facilitate personal growth which enables us to interact dynamically.

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Australia Costs:

60 minute consultation: $80

This time is for me to hear about you and the challenges you face and the outcomes you desire. You will develop awareness of holistic health as we bring together the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® essences to best support you in a personal blend.

Flower Essences blends all $30.00

  • First Light® personal blend, made especially for you after your consultation.
  • First Light® Zodiacal Blend©
  • First Light® Constitutional Essence Blend©

Please note: Repeats, blends for a personalised program & First Light® Constitutional Essence Blend© may not necessarily involve a consultation.

Make an appointment for a consultation!

First Light® Flower Essences Australia Costs

​I love meeting with clients in nature

It brings another supporting element to our work together. I witness energy moving easily, awareness developing and transformation taking place. Working directly with the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® range of nature based vibrational medicine is just like this only you can take these home with you for ongoing holistic health support, continued transformation and uplifted wellbeing.

Joy ~ New Plymouth, New Zealand

“I have had the fortune of Maria’s services for 15 years now first with Bach flower remedies and then with the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand range of essences and there is a reason I always come back to her. Maria is incredibly good at what she does and gets it right every time, providing me with blends that make a shift in my world. She is what I would call a wise woman and I have always been impressed by Maria’s impeccable listening skills as to be heard sometimes is what we need. I highly recommend you trust Maria with finding the right remedy for you.”

Lily ~ Christchurch, New Zealand

“Maria has assisted me over the last eighteen months to address a number of issues in my professional and personal life, through the support of the First Light Flower Essences. I have consulted with her face to face and long distance by phone and both have worked. Maria listens carefully and asks questions and occasionally offers pertinent examples from her own experience to gently help tease out the key issues and guide towards a resolution. It is a collaborative process whereby her knowledge and sensitivity combine to support exploring and determining which essences resonate most strongly. She welcomes feedback and insights on the effects of taking the essences. For me, the changes are subtle yet always on reflection there are noticeable events and realisations that link back to the essences. Overall, I feel more effective in life and more at home within myself as a result of my work with Maria.”

Sarah ~ Avalon, Australia

“Thank you, Maria, for a beautiful session yesterday. I awoke this morning with a renewed sense of centre and calm. I am so grateful for your work, clarity and love. And of course the plants that are here to help us.”

I learnt that when used in a particular way the energetic blueprints of correctly selected native plants can help a person clear their energetic field from past traumas and unhealthy patterns and so return to a natural state of wellbeing.

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Be humble, for you are made of earth.
Be noble, for you are made of stars.

~ Serbian proverb

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